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Landscape Photography

As a traveling photographer I have seen and captured tens of countries. My favorite for many years was Iceland where I went 7 times so far. From the time it was all empty to the new times where it just became another tourist attraction. 

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    Photographer and artist based in Bucharest, Romania

    I’m Aurel Manea and this is the site dedicated to photography/video projects.
    Professionally  I am a 3d artist/technical artist and lead 3d artist in Gameloft Bucharest studio
    More about that in my professional LinkedIn profile:

    As a hobby as you can see I spend most my time photographing stuff here and there. I started photography somewhere in 2004 for romantic reason and evolved ever since around this hobby. Somehow over the years it grew much more than anyone would have expected.

    Why “DYSTALGIA” ?
    The way I figured it out it is an imaginary word that represents a sort of nostalgia  towards a past or present that never was. but with the right choices and circumstances could have been. Due to exposure to psychedelics I now have a vision of the world where reality is just another dream in an infinity of possible dreams that make up an infinity of possible worlds and ways to exist in this weird little universe of ours.

    Video Work

    With a lot of background from the gfx industry it was a nice opportunity to try out some of the knowledge into the photography Domain. “Fernweh” and “The Romanian Autumn” were two of the results. Besides this I have experimenting with microscopy in particular and video in general. Please visit Video section for more.

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